Training for Operational Resilience Capabilities

Digital TORC is a rich platform for you to enhance your operational resilience capabilities.

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Online or on-premises

Use the cloud version of the tool, or contact us for on-premises sessions


Organize online workshops and use the game with people located all around the world


Create pre-configured game sessions using our TORC manager application


Simulate crisis scenarios in your organization

Digital TORC can be used to put players in a crisis situation to evaluate and increase their preparedness.

Generate the game report

The Digital TORC includes a notes taking component in addition to all the game data being collected. A report containing the game data can be generated at the end of a game session.


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« Being prepared to be surprised »

Using the Digital TORC will change the way you think about resilience in your organization


Explore and decide

on strategies and resources to be adopted under unexpected situations related to the scenario proposed


on applied capabilities and review on experience build up as well as positive and negative outcomes


how different teams and the company network are of great value to support protection activities, therefore creating awareness and engaging towards a common goal in an aligned decision process

Digital TORC

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